Hello & Welcome to the website of Shoeb Firefighting Equipment Trading. We are also known as SAFFET and are a subsidiary of M A Group of Companies. SAFFET was established in the year 1997 under the patronage of Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed. The company was started on a small scale, but today, with Commitment, Expertise, Trust, Experience and Knowledge in the field of Fire Fighting and Fire proofing, SAFFET has become one of the trusted and sought after company for the Fire Proofing needs and requirements.

We are ISO 9001 Certified and FMG 4991 Approved Fire Stop Contractor and a member of FCIA (Fire Stop Contractor Association) based in U.S.A.

We are an Authorized Agent and Applicators for Fire-Stop Systems – USA and PFC Corofil-UK with wide range of products and services such as Linear Gap Seals, Cavity Barriers, Sealants, Service Penetrations, Plastic Pipe work and Trunking, Upgrade Solutions, Elasta Seals- 300 and 600 with single and double panel system, Fire Resisting Silicone Sealant, Intumescent Pillow, Fire-stop Collars,Intumescent Pipe Wraps, Fire Stop Compound, Coated Panel System, Rockwool Steel System, Thermal Elastic Nullifier, Hilti Etc. We have been offering services in Application of the Fire Proofing, Penetration fire Sealing of MEP openings, Fire Proofing of Steel Structures, and Fire fighting Systems in the U.A.E. and other GCC countries.

Our Engineers and Technical staff is well equipped and well trained in the Trading and Application of the Fire Proofing and Fire Fighting Material in compliance with Local Civil Defense Rules & Regulations. They are trained by our principals and In-House Trainers to carry out the installation and application activities meticulously. Our ability to get into specifics and do the in-depth analysis of the property / job and the dedication towards the safety of Human Lives and Infrastructure, has earned us huge respect & honor among the Contracting, Construction, Electro-Mechanical, Aluminum Smelter, Power Stations, Tele-communication and Petrochemical Industries. Today, after 11 successful years filled with Hardwork, Consistency and Uncompromising Quality, SAFFET has become a company of Repute and a Company to reckon with.