Our experience complemented with the international exposure, knowledge and exceptional engineering depth and regional knowledge in the field of AV Solutions, electrical systems, plumbing, automation, controls, instrumentation, project management, validation, documentation services and design have given us an edge in the regional business. Collectively, we are able to provide the following services related to the AV, Electrical, Plumbing, Instrumentation & Mechanical disciplines. Our services

  • Project Management
  • Detailed Design, Engineering and Submittals
  • Material Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Total Installation & Commissioning
  • Conducting safety audits and preparation of associated reports
  • Remedial Works in Full Conformity with Codes of Practice
  • Documentation Packages to Certifying Authority Requirements
  • Manpower support
  • On site Training Programs
  • Post Commissioning Maintenance Contracts


In the competitive Industrial & Residential sectors, safety and efficiency is paramount. We have taken this knowledge and used it to develop customized systems that have improved productivity and increased profits for customers to whom we have associated. Omega Star EMW LLC provides design & approval support, coordination with other agencies, installation and maintenance of the following electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems/services .

  • Electrical Equipments for Substation and Plant including Switchgears, Ring Main Units, Transformers etc.
  • Building & Outdoor Lighting System
  • Earthing & Lightning Protection System
  • Power Plant, Signal & Data Cabling
  • Fire Monitoring Systems
  • Field Instrumentation
  • Data Networking & System Interfacing

Omega star engineers are trained and fully conversant in application of the above system & equipments. Omega star’s success is centered at our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our dedication to integrity on every project means, "we promise to deliver and we deliver what we promise" This pledge is ingrained in every project we undertake.

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