E-mail Solutions

The Email List Management system enables you to provide your audience with conveniences of receiving information that is relevant to their lifestyles and interests.

Members and non-members alike can quickly opt-in on site email lists they prefer from you and your partners - eliminating spam concerns.

You can begin by offering just your site's primary email newsletter. And quickly expand your email lists to target news briefs, classified ads, events, jobs, promotions, etc. by a channel or topic.All these services reinforce brand identity and bring subscribers back to your site for further information.

Thus, your traffic will increase as will its value for your advertisers.

The Email List Management system is a true e-business tool. Site email newsletter advertising, sponsorships, and co-branding are other potential sources of revenue. And it is easy to manage email lists for community businesses and organizations and create another revenue opportunity for your site. The application can also be used to efficiently manage mass email correspondences to staff and advertisers.