Content Management System

Cyborg has developed Content Management System (CMS) which is a software package that allows you to create and maintain contents of the website. It provides a set of tools and templates for creating, editing and publishing the pages and files that make up a Website.

Web-based publishing :- Enables the use of standard templates to add or change content on the website.

Format Conversation :- The ability to upload images, documents, catalogues and scanned material onto the website.

Control :- Monitors changes made to files by individuals and retrieves information when searched on an indexed system.

Access :- CMS tools use an Internet browser allowing anywhere, anytime access.

Accountability :- Access is limited to the authorized users with content sign-off functionality, an important editing step before content is published.

Speed :- Updated can be written, edited and published quickly by an authorized user within an organization. This reduces time delays between yourself and an extend provide.

Consistency :- A prescribed set of templates (Design, Layout, Font) that will ensure the content is consistent across website costs.

Minimal Technical Abilities :- Users without technical experience manage and update content on the website.